MTI Broadway Junior Collection

About MTI's Broadway Junior Collection

Music Theatre International (MTI) is one of the world's leading theatrical licensing agencies, granting schools as well as amateur and professional theatres from around the world the rights to perform the largest selection of great musicals from Broadway and beyond. MTI works directly with the composers, lyricists and book writers of these shows to provide official scripts, musical materials and dynamic theatrical resources to over 60,000 theatrical organizations in the US and in over 60 countries worldwide.

As part of its educational initiative, MTI developed the MTI Broadway Junior Collection® in 1994 to bring classic musical theatre to elementary and middle school-aged students. Nearly two decades later, the MTI Broadway Junior Collection® now divides into two categories to accommodate different age ranges:

MTI's Broadway Junior Collection MTI's Kids Collection


ShowKits The MTI Broadway Junior Collection® features condensed author-approved versions of classic musicals custom tailored to the needs of young people and schools. The music is written in keys appropriate for young voices and all shows can be expanded to accommodate as many performers as can fit on your stage.

What's a ShowKit?

Each MTI Broadway Junior title comes with a specially designed ShowKit – a first-timer’s "How To" guide to producing these beloved and celebrated musicals. The ShowKit and its resources guide you on how to make your musical the ultimate interdisciplinary teaching tool. Read more about the ShowKit here.